FRANK MAYOR is President and Chief Executive Officer of CRC Jianian Cultural Development Ltd, a Chinese government-backed joint venture with the China Record Corporation formed in order to exploit opportunities in record and film distribution, licensing, publishing, and promotion.

Mr. Mayor has over twenty-seven years of experience in the entertainment, real estate, and financial transactions industries. Active in global commerce, he was one of the first individuals to open up China for entertainment-related business and has close relationships with a number of high-level government contacts. He currently oversees several holding companies with assets in film, music, and software. He has been active on a number of levels including capital formation, production, distribution, and legal.

Beginning in 1987, Mr. Mayor acquired interests in five major recording studios and created Ruthless Management, working with a wide variety of acts that included Guns N Roses, Faith No More, Cheap Trick, Heart, Vanessa Williams, Kenny G, Roy Orbison, The Ventures, and Brian Wilson. In 2002, he acquired ownership of over one thousand film titles that are distributed worldwide through AIM Group LLC. In 2005 he started two film production entities, Cinevision International Inc. and Silk Road Productions LLC, the latter with internationally recognized casting agent Bonnie Timmermann.

Mr. Mayor holds BA Degrees in Economics and Political Science and a JD Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

TERRY HORSMON is the managing partner of NCCG. Trained as a management consultant and corporate strategist, over the past twenty-two years Mr. Horsmon began his career with McKinsey and Company and has created new product strategies for such companies as BMW Worldwide, Hilton Hotels, Dreamworks Animation, Sony and Anheuser-Busch. Since 2003, he has traveled regularly to China overseeing the launch of a broad range of joint venture partnerships in the media and communications fields, He is an expert in scenario planning, new product marketing and business process.

NANA LEE is a partner with NCCG. She is a founder of CRC Jianian Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and was its Senior Vice President in charge of the International Marketplace and China Operations. A pioneer in China's economic reform movement, Ms Lee was instrumental in the establishment of China's first post-reform privately owned company, the China Rural Development Company. Using her extensive ties to Chinese government organizations, Ms Lee was a consultant for Chia Tai Group of Companies, a multi-billion dollar Thailand-based international investment company that continues to be one of China's largest foreign investment partners. She co-founded one of the major computer manufacturers in the United States and was a senior executive at that company for ten years.

Ms Lee's extensive network of relationships with high-level Chinese government officials and organizations allows her to expedite business opportunities from the West to China. Through her contacts with the Chinese Central Government, she has built close ties in the media, banking, automotive and real estate industries.

Mr. Li XIAOPING is a senior consultant with NCCG and a co-founder of CRC Jianian Cultural Development Co., Ltd., a partnership with the Chinese government that promotes the distribution of China's music throughout the world. Currently he is the Chairman of its Board of Directors and its managing director. A 30-year music industry executive, since 1987 he has held positions with China Record Corporation, the largest record company in China.
As a composer, producer, promoter, deputy chief editor and assistant to the president, Mr. Li has been one of the China music industry's most influential and respected veterans. Mr. Li has a broad based management career in advertising, music and publishing. He was general manager of Beijing Guofeng Advertising Company and currently is Chief Editor of the widely circulated China Audio-Video magazine.
His creative work ranges from the production of Good Luck Beijing, the campaign for sponsorship of the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the composition of several stage musicals that continue to run in China. He has participated as a member of the production team for three Golden Album Awards (China's Grammy's) broadcast on CCTV, China's national TV network.

REX ZONG is a senior consultant for NCCG. Born in Beijing and educated in the United States, Mr. Zong is trained as a commercial lawyer. Based in China, over the past seventeen years, he has facilitated the structuring of dozens of Chinese partnerships with foreign companies, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, radio/television/film, wireless communications and software.

LARRY NAMER is a senior consultant for NCCG. A noted entertainment industry veteran with over thirty-five years of experience, he is a pioneer in the new media and television industry in the United States and Russia. Mr. Namer was the founder of Movietime and the E! Entertainment Channel. While at E!,he developed over 9000 hours of television programs. Mr. Namer introduced western television programming and advertising to post-Communist Russia and is an innovation expert in the areas of television content development.
As a guest of the Chinese government, he has taught many Chinese program executives how to use creative techniques to generate new ideas. His extensive client list has included Microsoft, Paul Allen's Diego Ventures, Billboard Channel, WDMG (a JV of Radio Shack, Dish and Sirius),, Eurocinema, BeJane and Telemedia.

THOMAS WILLIAMSON is a consultant with NCCG. He has extensive experience in the field of commercial real estate development. An attorney with a specialty in tax law, Mr. Williamson has been a management consultant with Coopers and Lybrand. He focuses on the development of commercial real estate ventures in China.

GEORGE WILLIAMSON is a consultant with NCCG. He began his career as a consultant with Deloitte and Touche Consulting. Trained as an accountant, Mr. Williamson is now focused in the areas of commercial real estate and entertainment.