China Media Ventures has retained Larry Namer as a senior consultant to develop media properties for distribution in China. Mr. Namer is one of the world's most successful independent television distributors. A founder of E! Entertainment Channel, he distributed that property to over 150 countries. He played a major role in opening post-Communist Russia to Western television programming and is heavily involved as a consultant to many of the start up cable and Video On Demand Services in the United States.

Mr. Namer works closely with the NCCG team of Rex Zong, Terry Horsmon and Frank Mayor to implement the strategy of bringing Western programming to China and Chinese programming to the West.

Mr. Zong has headed Cherry Lane Movies in Beijing for nearly ten years. Mr. Horsmon was a production and marketing executive at Sony Columbia Pictures and MGM Studios. Mr. Mayor has produced several major independent films and has distributed a library of over 1000 releases throughout the world.

The goal of China Media Ventures is to develop twenty new program concepts for distribution in the Chinese marketplace in 2008. In addition, the team is packaging for Chinese distribution an additional twenty programs that reach into feature films, sports, reality programming and novellas.

China Media Ventures maintains relationships with a local production partner and its principals have dealt with CCTV, Shanghai Media Group, Beijing TV, Asia Union TV and many provincial and local channels throughout China.