NEW CHINA CONSULTING GROUP is a strategy consultancy that brings fast-paced companies into China to compete immediately. Our team keeps China-bound organizations focused on identifying the unknown forces that can turn an irresistible opportunity into a dangerous challenge.

By making unseen forces visible, and by helping leaders navigate unpredictable obstacles, we help our clients recognize change before it impacts their markets, their customers and their profits.

We've helped AOL/TIME WARNER think about the future of subscriber usage. We opened post-Communist Russia to Western television programming. We've supported the creation of a new design philosophy for BMW that changed the way its designers work. We've assisted the Chinese Government in setting up a music publishing joint venture with Western music experts. And we've helped EDS and its partners as they reorganized for global integration.

However varied the assignments have been, we've always given our clients choices that have allowed them to compete effectively for the future-wherever they are in the world.


New China Consulting Group is a strategic marketing consultancy with deep commercial roots in Mainland China. Using on the ground experience since 1985 assisting Western companies in the launch of a broad range of businesses, our relationships extend to the very highest levels of the PRC government and throughout the Chinese business community.

New China Consulting Group maintains offices and staff in Beijing and Los Angeles. Our team has the ability to respond to business opportunities within China in advance of public announcement or solicitation.

We maintain constant contact with high level officials in all government ministries. Our staff in Beijing monitors and informs us daily about the changes in regulations and the shift in the business environment throughout the country. In turn, we create strategies and implementation plans for our clients that help them navigate the rapidly shifting channels of China's commercial waters.

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